"From a medical point of view deer velvet has shown a very positive effect on fracture healing, arthritis therapy, surgery recovery and overall wellness, including improved energy and vitality.  Anyone who truly cares about their pets will give them deer velvet - it ensures the animals will live a healthier, happier and pain-free life".

Dr. DeGrofft, Loveland, Colorado, USA

"When introduced to Deer Velvet Antler, at first I was very skeptical but decided to use it on a dog that had not responded to any other conventional treatment.  Within a few days only, the dog had started running!  After that, Deer Velvet became very popular among my colleague vets in my practice, and we have prescribed several hundred bottles of velvet antler tablets.  Furthermore, I am now using the human deer velvet product on myself."

Dr. Amiel Shlomi, North Israel

"I've had good success in derm cases that look really Blood deficient from a TCM point of view. . I've had a few very young animals recovering from generalized demodecosis, or with poor fur regrowth do well also. In addition to its immune support benefits, I wonder if it's restoring more normal barrier function in these guys. 

With the mobility cases, I again seem to be finding spectacular success with most Jing deficient/Blood deficient/Yin deficient groups. To me, it seems to create a lot more elasticity and "forgiveness" in connective tissue. I've got some chondrodysplastic disk dogs running on it as a preventive against further issues..." Jennifer Marshall, DVM.